Former Gas Station Directly on I95 – Owner Financing Offered

Former Gas Station Directly on I95 – Owner Financing Offered
Listing ID: 1850534
Lot Size: +- 2.85 acres acre(s)
January 25, 2018
Former gas station directly off of I-95 in Lynchburg. Underground gas tanks are certified until 2030 and canopy is in excellent shape. Property is one of two stations visible directly off of Interstate. Also available is rear lot (5.35 acres) TM 358-00-02-028
Owner is willing to offer owner financing terms such as:
1.) $50,000 down at settlement.
2.) The balance would be owner-financed at 6.5% fixed interest rate.
3.) 10-year initial balloon based on a 20-year amortization schedule.
4.) A second 10-year balloon would be available if needed.
5.) First mortgage payment not due for 18-24 months after the settlement.
6.) Back acreage would be available for short-term lease at rate of current property taxes and agreement to maintain the acreage.
7.) Back lot can be set up for a long-term option purchase with similar owner financing terms.
For more information contact Mike Ferris at 843-655-4750
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